Appraisal for Flipping

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For the investor looking to buy and eventually flip property, our appraisal services will surely assist you in the entire process. Unsure of whether flipping is for you? Our appraisal report will provide you with a detailed account of your investment as well as future values and comparables. As a certified valuation specialist, we have the means to inform you of future market changes in effort to efficiently prepare you for the house-flipping process- whether this is your first time or you're a veteran.

Flipping homes for sale is a lucrative venture, when done correctly. The key is to buy cheap, then commit to repairs quickly before selling high. Appraisers are available to keep you abreast of impending repairs and increases in values as well as market changes. Appraisals By Michael provides clients with a detailed rundown of their As Is Value, then we take the time to go over the necessary (and unnecessary) prepares in order for you to make the best investment and reach your ideal As Proposed Value.

Many investors receive their As Is value from their appraiser, with no real guidance of how to go about the next steps in this lengthy process. Appraisals By Michael will sit down and go over your appraisal report with you, sharing your As Repaired Value (ARV) with you so you have the opportunity to foresee any impending costs. This will help you make the best decisions as far as flipping, repairs, and possibly renting.

Once we go over the appraisal report, an investor now has the knowledge necessary to make smart decisions as far as timing and cost are concerned, allowing them to increase their profit from the original As Is Value to the intended As Repaired Value (ARV). Clients are also now aware of whether or not flipping is the right choice, in comparison to renting. At Appraisals By Michael we do the best we can to make sure you walk away with a wise investment.


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