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On top of high quality appraisals provided for a variety of needs, we also offer home measuring services to clients. Mostly beneficial to home sellers and/or potential home buyers, this service provides a numerically accurate depiction of the size of the home. Maximize your market price by finding out the exact size of your home.

Appraisers are professionals trained to provide you with the exact size of your home, in order to provide buyers with accurate square footage. They also know what to include in the final report; most states require home owners to disclose the size of the living area to potential buyers.
Sometimes, you’ll come across a realtor who feels qualified enough to conduct a home measuring service rather than hire an appraiser. Unfortunately, unless a realtor has gone through the process of earning his appraisal license and certification, they do not possess the necessary knowledge for determining accurate home square footage. However, many lean on their experience as a crutch for completing this process, which may end up helping them in some ways but hurting you, the client, in others. There are many unknown factors that must be considered when completing an appraisal; your best bet is to hire a trusted and qualified appraiser who will provide you with a thorough appraisal report complete with your home’s measurement.

The graphics we provide following your appraisal are able to be used and extremely helpful in an MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. We provide current visuals of the home in question, as county records are often found to be incorrect. This portion of your appraisal helps with comparables and is available for any future references.

If this wasn’t enough of a reason, appraisers can also assist in tax paying issues. They have the resources to inform you of whether or not you are paying too much in property taxes by keeping you abreast of your documented square footage compared to your actual square footage. Realtors may provide you with a number, however the likelihood of this square footage being accurate is little to none. Appraisers are the most qualified individuals for home measuring services.



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