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Do not be fooled by Rockdale County's small stature. What it lacks in size, Rockdale certainly makes up for in quality of life, economic development, and innovative sustainability. With its award-winning schools, breathtaking state parks, and community-centered events, Rockdale County is a great place for your family to live, work, and thrive. Rockdale County's partners, such as Appraisals By Michael, proudly support and foster Rockdale's positive family and business environments for ongoing growth and success.

Serving Rockdale County and surrounding areas since 2001, Appraisals By Michael is a name you can trust to serve you with accuracy and expertise. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of Rockdale County homeowners, business owners, attorneys, and lenders. Our appraisers are certified professionals who are educated in the trends and movements of Rockdale County real estate.

Appraisals By Michael proudly serves all 132 square miles of Rockdale County, including (but not limited to) the following communities:

  • Oak Hill
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Princeton
  • Salem
  • Union Grove
  • Zingara

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